03 March 2011

SAME Cafe in Denver - Organic food that everyone can afford, literally.

At SAME cafe (So All May Eat) you will see a menu of delicious healthy organic food. All the food is locally grown and prepared by volunteers. The menu does not have prices on it. Prices are donations. You can choose to donate your time working at the restaurant or you can donate whatever you can afford for you meal. SAME cafe's “philosophy is that everyone, regardless of economic status, deserves the chance to eat healthy food while being treated with dignity.” They have very little overhead because everyone who prepares the food are volunteers.
I love this idea. It reminds me of times when people used bartering for services and food. I think this idea could really take off and expand through the country.
Learn more by watching this video.

So All May Eat from OrganicNation on Vimeo.

Peace, Love, Wealth
Kimra Diggs
The Progressive Mama


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