04 February 2011

Ways To Wear The Circle Scarf From American Apparel - Fashion Friday

I told all you that this week I would post a few pics of different ways to wear the American Apparel circle scarf. I am gonna go back to American Apparel and buy a few more colors of the circle scarf because I love it so much. Here are a few ways to wear the circle scarf:
 I like this look because it is great if you don't want to feel too "exposed" on top but still want to be sexy. You can wear any type of outfit with the scarf like this and it will look great. This can also make you look a little more sophisticated if you are the type who likes to wear ponytails and are always on the go (perfect for busy moms). Basically, you just wrap the scarf around your head twice off you go.
For this look I made the circle scarf into a high-waisted skirt. I used a shoe lace to hold up the skirt. I think a shoelace works better than a belt because 1. it's more adjustable so you can make your skirt higher or lower, and 2. not everyone has a belt that fits well on their rib cage. This look has endless possibilities. It's a great way to look dressed up and feel comfy at the same time. I love the fabric of the circle scarf. I wish I would have had this scarf when I was pregnant. The fabric is so comfy and breathable, and I could have actually had some "skirts" (made from the circle scarf) that fit properly.
 I felt so "little red riding hood-ish" when I wear the scarf like this. I actually wear it like this around the house. It's so comfy, like wearing a hoodie without the sleeves.
This is the when you just drape the scarf around you neck and leave it long. I like this look because it makes me look much taller than I am, which is nice since I'm only 5 feet tall.
 I made the circle scarf into a long dress. I did this by putting on a tube top bra, tucking the skirt into it, and pulling it up about 5 inches, then folded it over my breasts. I bunched it up in the back and draped it all pretty, as you can see in the next picture. I think this is a great idea for if you have some sort of event after work. You can wear the scarf in another way, then head to the bathroom and have a completely different outfit on. You can even continue to wear your work skirt underneath style. Great for ladies night as well.
 Here is the back of the last look. I love how it draped so nicely.
This look is just like the last one only the tube top bra is exposed. American Apparel has tons of colors of tube top bras to choose from so you can mix and match them with different colored circle scarfs.

I hope all of you enjoy my circle scarf looks. Feel free to email me pics of your circle scarf looks, I'd love to post them on the blog.

Peace, Love, Wealth
Kimra Diggs
The Progressive Mama

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