09 January 2011

Growing Your Own Food - Know What You Eat Blog Series

There a many reasons why growing your own food is important. The biggest reason is that you actually know exactly where your food is coming from. Let's face it, relying on mass producing farmers to grow your food really has no benefits. Not to the environment (because they use ridiculous amounts of chemicals) and not to your health (again, because they use ridiculous amounts of chemicals). If you eat mostly or only organic that is great. But since most of us aren't eating like that, even if our intentions are to eat only organic, we are still eating junk when we can be eating healthy food that we can grow ourselves. Growing your own food isn't only healthy for you and your family, it will also give you a sense of community and also make you appreciate your food much more. Even just growing one herb or vegetable can make a huge difference in how you feel about food.
I found this awesome idea while browsing the internet. It is an easy way to make vertical garden
Basically you take a shoe organizer, which you can buy at Target or on Amazon. You take some empty 2 liter soda bottles and turn them upside down and make planters in them with soil and seeds like this.
And then you stick them in the pockets which are meant to hold your shoes. Poke a hole in the bottle of each shoe pocket so that the cap part of the 2 liter bottle can go out. Then take off the caps. You save water this way because you can water the top plants then the rest of the water will drip into the other pockets which are underneath them. Using the water bottles also helps prevent mold.
You then can hang your vertical garden off a balcony, on your porch or anywhere you get about 6-8 hours of sunlight a day.

You can also do raised beds like this if you don't have a small yard.
Raised garden beds are great to save space, especially when you stack them like this.

Growing vegetables is can be an easy task. People who live in small apartments grow food in pots on their balconies or dinning room table. Growing herbs takes up the least amount of space. There are hundreds of websites with thousands of tips on how to grow food when you don't have much space. I love the Garden Girl. She has tons of how to videos and tips for potted plants to large backyard gardens.

Check out all of the Garden Girl's videos here.Here are few more tips on how to add some green to a small space.

I hope everyone adds some green into their life in 2011!
Peace, Love, Wealth,
Kimra Diggs
The Progressive Mama

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  1. i love this idea SO MUCH!!!! gonna look to score a used shoe organizer at the thrift store... ;)