14 January 2011

Best Food Documentaries - Know What You Eat Blog Series

I decided to post a list of several awesome food documentaries that I have found around the internet. Here is my list with trailers for each film.

Food Matters

Watch Food Matters On Netflix

Dirt! The Movie

Watch Dirt! The Movie On Netflix

The Gerson Miracle

Watch The Gerson Miracle For Free On Hulu. Click Here.

Rethinking Cancer

Food Inc.

Watch Food Inc. On Netflix

Forks Over Knives

In Theatres March 11, 2011. Click Here To Find A Screening Near You.

The Future Of Food

Watch The Future Of Food On Netflix

Supersize Me

Watch Supersize Me Instantly On Netflix


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The Botany Of Desire

Watch The Botany Of Desire On PBS.org Or On Netflix

King Corn

Watch King Corn On Netflix

Hope all of you spend your weekend watching videos that will show you how to empower your health with food.
Peace, Love, Wealth
Kimra Diggs
The Progressive Mama


  1. Thank you for listing these and providing the links to the videos! I've seen a few of these and look forward to watching the other one you recommend.

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