27 December 2010

Save-A-Life - A No Kill Animal Shelter

Save-A-Life is a no kill animal shelter located in north of Los Angeles on a 10 acre ranch. The cats and dogs that come to Save-A-Life have plenty of room to play and have fun. Animals at Save-A-Life animal rescue are never put to sleep. They enjoy their life at the rescue until they are adopted. Since Save-A-Life has so much land they are able to help over a hundred animals.
They are sisters so they want to be adopted together.
There are several cats and dogs of all types to choose from.

I have discovered several other no kill shelters that are on large properties of land. To find a No Kill Animal shelter near you please visit these two websites: No Kill Shelters Around The World, No Kill Shelters In The United States.
Before you think about giving your pet you can no longer take care of please read this pdf file from bestfriends.org. Wonderpuppy.net also is a great resource to help anyone resolved conflicts they are having with their pets so that they do not have to give them straight to an animal shelter, which will most likely put them to "sleep".
Please support Save-A-Life by donating here. 100% of the proceeds goes to taking care of the animals on the ranch.
Peace, Love, Wealth
Kimra Diggs
The Progressive Mama

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