29 December 2010

Plenty International - Teaching True Sustainability

Plenty International began its humanitarian work in 1974. They began providing clinics and orphanages, wind powered electric lighting systems, and sustainable food growing programs for developing countries. Plenty International continues to work with Native American primary health care, midwifery, microeconomics, food and ecotourism cooperatives and alternative building programs. They have an Ecovillage Training Center in Tennessee which is a place to learn about total sustainability. At the center they teach: Shiitake Mushroom Growing Basics, Solar Installation, Alternative Energy Systems, Bamboo Cultivation and Construction, Ecovillage Design and Permaculture Practicum and Natural Building Basics.
Here is a picture of the EcoVillage Training Center.
Plenty's mission is: "To assist in the protection, stewardship, and sharing of the world's resources to promote the well being of the communities and environment we share."
They assist communities in applying appropriate and/or alternative technologies to encourage village self-sufficiency; such as alternative power like wind turbines or solar panelling.
Plenty is committed to sharing knowledge and abundance to benefit all people of the world.
Plenty is teaching communities sustainable farming.
Plenty also focuses on school lunch programs. Child learn better when they are not hungry. Plenty is doing a Garden-based Agriculture for Toledo's (Belize) Environment program to ensure healthy food for children of Toledo. This chool gardening project includes several components that make a productive and sustainable program.
These include:
  • Extension work/ technical assistance;
  • Tools, seeds, and other supplies;
  • Training of village volunteers to assist with the gardens;
  • Classroom training; educational support to teachers in integrating the gardens into their curriculum;
  • Encouragement to start home gardens; and nutrition and food preparation education. 
To learn more about the GATE program click here.
To donate and/or volunteer with Plenty International click here.
Peace, Love, Wealth
Kimra Diggs
The Progressive Mama

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