28 December 2010

How To Have A Greener New Year 2011

There are many ways you can have a greener 2011. I personally have made a few new year's goals that involve myself doing things in a green way.
Here are a few ideas that I have that are simple enough for everyone to do:

1. Use less electricity. This one is pretty easy. Turn off the TV every once in a while and read a book instead. Hang dry some of your clothes. Switch to LED lights in your home, you will save on your energy bill and your bulbs will last a lot longer. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. You will get some exercise (which we all need more of) and maybe shed a few inches off your holiday tummy.

2. Use less gasoline. Get a bike and ride your bike to work or school. Take public transportation. Most cities have decent public transportation. Read here about why public transportation is good for kids.

3. Use less plastic. Every grocery store sells those reusable bags. Buy them and use them. Far too many plastic bags get out into the ocean, killing off wildlife. Using reusable bags is the only way to end this cycle. Stop buying water bottles. Instead buy a reusable water bottles. They come in all types of colors and designs, and some even come with a built in filter. I recently saw some really cute ones at Old Navy. Using your tap water or filtered water from your fridge is an easy way to stop wasting plastic. FYI, plastic bottles DO NOT get recycled when you take them to the recycling place or throw them in a recycle bin. The plastic they use for them is NOT recyclable. Maybe these images will get my point across.
 This is a RIVER. Plastic bottles go here. They are not recycled.
Or how about here. There are mountains and mountains of 
plastic bottles all around the world 
that will never be reused or recycled.

5. Be smart, buy organic whenever possible. Grocery stores are carrying more and more organic products by the day. When you see them, buy them. People always complain about organic being more expensive but if we buy more organic the prices will begin to drop lower and lower because their will be more of a demand for organic products. There are many health, environmental, and ethical reasons that we all should switch to organic. I hope to be eating 100% organic within the next few months, and I hope everyone reading this is at least eating organic whenever possible. Buying local is also very important. Support your local farmer's market whenever you can.

6. Go vegetarian or vegan. Okay, I know that most people aren't going to go veg to be green, but even going veg a few days out of the month really makes a significant impact, not only on your health but on the environment as well. Especially if you are eating organic vegetables on those meat-less days. A majority of genetically modified corn grown in this country is made for animal feed. This corn is grown with extremely pollutant pesticides, pesticides that would kill any of us if we inhaled even a teaspoon of it. Buy going veg, even partially, you are making it so less of these pesticides have to be used and less of this nasty corn needs to be grown.

7. Work from home. With no commute and no boss to nag you, you can't go wrong. There are countless online jobs and home-based businesses. Search for ones that fit your lifestyle and go from there. 

8. Start a garden in your yard. Or even one of those cute little herb gardens in your kitchen. Nothing is greener than a garden, and you can't get any more local than your own backyard.

9. Recycled aluminum cans. Unlike plastic bottles, aluminum actually does get recycled. So does glass and most cardboard boxes. Recycle as much as possible to make 2011 a much greener year for all of us.

Those are just a few ideas I have about ways to be more green in 2011. I hope you at least try out some of these ideas.
Peace, Love, Wealth
Kimra Diggs
The Progressive Mama

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