10 December 2010

High Fashion Fair Trade, Cruelty Free Must Haves For 2011

I really love fashion, especially high-end fashion. It just feels great to look sexy and sophisticated at the same time. The biggest trends with high-end fashion are organic, fair trade and cruelty-free outfits. I have found many cruelty-free and fair-trade clothing and jewelry websites that I can't even blog about yet because they are launching next year. Maybe I'll write a few press release blogs for them.

If you wanna be on top of the trends here are your must haves for 2011.
 Belts tie your outfit together.  

from Lush Handmade Cosmetics.
Nomi Network is a non-profit organization working to 
eradicate sexual slavery and the trafficking of women.
Buy this tote bag to support their efforts. 
favorite Fair Trade Company, People Tree.
I hope you enjoy gorgeous fair trade and cruelty free fashion as much as I do.
Peace, Love, Wealth
Kimra Diggs
The Progressive Mama

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