13 December 2010

The 1st Charity Of Christmas - Mercy Corps - Providing Positive Change In So Many Ways

Since 1979, Mercy Corps has provided more than $1.95 Billion USD in assistance to people in 107 nations. The agency's unified global programs employ 3,700 staff worldwide and reach nearly 16.7 million people worldwide.

Mercy Corps provides seeds for farms, goats for milk, sewing machines for entrepreneurs, health aid, sanitation and clean water supply, to providing bicycles. Mercy Corps is all about taking action and sustainable change, which is why I chosen to spotlight them as my first "The 12 Charities Of Christmas".

I love many things about Mercy Corps. The best thing about them is that as a donation contributor you are able to choose what you want your donation to be used for.
$69 can enable a women to use her creativity to make beautiful garments 
and teach entrepreneurship to make a sustainable income for herself and her family.
She is also able to sew clothing for here family so that they do not have to buy clothing.
$52 can provide a bicycle which is transportation to jobs, 
to get clean water, to be an apprentice, or to get to school.
 Breastfeeding training is extremely important especially where there is no clean water, because if formula is purchased it is mixed with contaminated water causing a baby to get sick. Breastmilk is 100% sterile and supports babies immune systems to help prevent death from common diseases. Breastfeeding saves the family money and promotes a healthier childhood for baby.
Mercy Corps promotes the practice and benefits of breastfeeding -- by fostering neighborhood-level support groups, creating training programs and promoting events that raise awareness about its advantages.

Clean water is important for villages to thrive.
Please support clean water efforts whenever possible!

Help families get out of poverty the sustainable way,
by providing a business that will keep income flowing for years to come.

Here are some ways you can help Mercy Corps' projects with a few minutes of your time:
Play online solitaire or sudoku and raise money for Mercy Corps and other charities.
Display this Mercy Corps Action Badge on your facebook page.
Mercy Corps Action Center: 
Take Action to End Hunger & Poverty
Find the HTML for the badge here.
Vote for Mercy Corps on The 50 Days Of Giving Contest here. You can vote once a day until Christmas and if Mercy Corps wins they will receive $150,000 from Western Union.
Become a fan of the Action Center to End World Hunger on your Facebook and tell your friends about it.

I hope you all support Mercy Corps in any way that you can.
Peace, Love, Wealth
Kimra Diggs
The Progressive Mama

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  1. What a great organization...I hadn't heard of them before, thanks for sharing!