09 December 2010

Christmas Gifts For New Moms - Gifts That Give Back

As a mom, I know that new moms need LOTS of support in many ways. For me there were two things I needed the most support with. One was breastfeeding, and the second was getting time to rest and relax. Here are some things to help any new mama.

 This breastfeeding support kit will help any new mama 
to nurse with comfort and ease.
And for more support send your new mama friend 
this awesome informational FREE breastfeeding eBook.
is perfect for any baby who drinks expressed breastmilk
I was able to nurse and do many other things hands-free, I loved it.
This My Brest Friend Pillow is a miracle for nursing sessions.

Now time for some relaxation.
Every new mom needs some coffee!
are great to help any new mama relax in the tub.

because all new mama's need to some peace.
These Tea Light Candle Holders are perfect for bath time.

Give the new mom in your life the gift of easy breastfeeding and relaxation.
Peace, Love, Wealth
Kimra Diggs
The Progressive Mama

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