08 December 2010

Christmas Chocolate, Candy Canes, and Other Holiday Treats - All Fair Trade Made

Whether it is in a chocolate bar or in hot cocoa, chocolate is something that is loved by many.
The chocolate industry is growing year after year, $50 billion-a-year worldwide business centered on the sale and consumption of chocolate. We are huge consumers of chocolate. I myself do love chocolate chip cookies and red velvet cake. The problem with the chocolate industry is that there are a lot unethical things happening to the people who grow and provide us with these wonderful tasting chocolates. I won't go into details now but I will urge you to shop wisely when you purchase chocolate. Here are some ethically made chocolates that I'm sure you and your loved ones will enjoy this holiday season.
I'd sure love to see this in my stocking this year!
 Green & Black's Chocolates can be found at many grocery stores and health food stores. 
You can't celebrate Christmas without candy canes. 
Can't resist this fudge!
You gotta try this Peppermint Bark!
is a perfectly delicious gift for any loved on.

My mouth is watering and my teeth feel like they have cavities from looking at all these delicious Christmas treats. I better go brush my teeth!

For a list of several more organic and fair trade chocolate companies click here.
Peace, Love, Wealth
Kimra Diggs
The Progressive Mama

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