21 December 2010

The 9th Charity Of Christmas - Plan International

Plan International was established in 1937 with the purpose of feeding and housing war stricken children of Spain. Plan has expanded tremendously since then, working now in 48 countries. With over 70 years of humanitarian services, Plan International has been able to help over 1 million children through its sponsor a child programs. These programs help impoverished children to have reading and literacy development; initiatives to end violence against children in school; health services training, especially in rural, under-served areas—often working to sensitize communities to immediate and preventable health hazards; assistance for children living with HIV/AIDS, including peer support and counseling; life-saving campaigns to stop child trafficking; women and infant survival programs, frequently in rural settings; nutrition campaigns, which may include a chicken to lay eggs for a family’s protein source; and enhanced livelihood training programs that especially help women and children rise out of poverty using their own skills.

Here is one of the awesome success stories from their website:
“My name is Govinda. My village is Holiya of Banke District. I am waiting for the results of my second year of intermediate level. I hope I will pass.

When I completed grade 5, I came to stay here at the Nepal Association of Blind hostel, supported by Plan’s Banke Program Unit. Before I came here, I had to crawl on my knees to go to school. That really hurt. One day I told a Plan staff member about my troubles — that traveling to school and back was difficult and took several hours and I feared I would never be an educated person.

Plan soon provided me with a tricycle which helped me get to and from school and to other places. The regular study at the hostel and the care of its staff helped me pass the certificate exam to graduate. I had never thought I would be able to do so.

Computer classes helped give Govinda the skills and motivation to do greater things in life. My neighbors had frequently said that studying up to grade 5 was enough for a physically challenged boy like me. Their unkind words really bothered me. They didn’t appreciate my past or my problems: because I didn’t get vaccinated for polio, my legs were paralyzed; and my father was dead and my mother had no money for treatment. If I had not received support from Plan, I would not have been able to complete my secondary education.

I might have ended up staying at home doing nothing because our community does not believe that the physically challenged are capable and have opinion. The hostel gave me the opportunity to study hard without being discouraged and to meet helpful adults and professionals. I also got to take computer courses. Now I am working hard to educate myself. I want to do great things in the future to help people like me. Let’s see what time will bring.”

Please sponsor a child or make a donation to this great organization.
Peace, Love, Wealth
Kimra Diggs
The Progressive Mama

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