20 December 2010

The 8th Charity Of Christmas - Children International

Children International has been doing humanitarian work for more than 70 years. They provide basic necessities for children in poverty stricken countries. They provide food baskets, nutritional screening, monitoring, nutrition programs, feeding centers, education, clothing, shoes, and more. They focus primarily on health and education.
With your support, we can continue to help poor children grow up healthy and educated. Children International is currently aiding over 335,000 impoverished children and their families around the world.
Here is one success story: Kazi's Education
Valuing an Education
In the slums of Calcutta, India, many parents can’t read and are overworked, simply struggling to survive. Too often they view education as an impediment, rather than an improvement, to their children’s lives. As a result, their children struggle to make passing grades and may even drop out of school altogether.
But attitudes toward education are changing because motivated sponsored children – who benefit from tuition assistance, school uniforms and supplies, tutoring and preparatory classes – are setting positive examples for their families and communities.
Although Kazi Aminur Haque’s father passed away and left his mother to support Kazi and his three siblings, he was able to stay in school with help from sponsorship and become head of his class.
Kazi’s academic performance has been
so strong that the school waived his tuition
Valuing an Education
fees and even gave him schoolbooks for free. Now he plans to continue his education and one day become a doctor and treat all those who are ill but cannot afford to go to the hospital.
“After becoming a doctor, I am determined to return to my village and help others just as the sponsorship program has helped me...” he remarked. “I have learnt from my sponsors that people have to think and act not only for themselves but for others too.”
It’s our hope that all sponsored children will follow Kazi’s example and make the most of sponsorship so they, too, can prove that education is well worth the effort.

Peace, Love, Wealth
Kimra Diggs
The Progressive Mama

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