19 December 2010

The 7th Charity Of Christmas - The Smile Train

Smile Train is an international charity which was founded in 1999. It's mission is to provide free cleft lip and palate surgery for children in developing countries. Smile Train has raised more the $84 Million with a staff of only 30 people. By the companies 10th year they had assisted 500,000 children in 748 countries with surgery for their cleft lip and palate.
Children who are born with a cleft lip and palate are often given to orphanages. Many of them have issues with eating. They can not breastfeed. Which is more difficult on these families who are already struggling to have food for their families. Girls who are born with this birth defect are not able to get married. Many families with children who have this birth defect are treated poorly by others in the communities. Children with a cleft lip and palate are not able to go to school at all.
Cleft lip is one of the most common and curable birth defects, and organizations like Smile Train are doing their best to cure every case they can find.

Smile Train works hard on building awareness about cleft lip and palates in these countries so that they know that is is only a birth defect that can be changed easily with their free surgery.  

Here is one story from the Smile Train website:
Gabriel’s parents, Andrea and Adriano, were devastated when they saw their newborn son was born with a cleft lip. Adriano knew he could work from dawn to dusk every day for the rest of his life and never have enough money to pay for surgery.
  Nevertheless, with the hope that the doctors would take pity on Gabriel, Andrea and Adriano made their way to a cleft clinic. They prayed every step of the way. Luck was on little Gabriel’s side that day. The clinic had just formed a partnership with The Smile Train that would empower the hospital to give cleft surgery to hundreds of poor children in Brazil for free. Gabriel would be one of the first lucky children.
  For Gabriel and his family, it was like winning the lottery with a prize they will see and cherish every day for the rest of their lives. 

There are over 500,000 stories that are like this around the world because of The Smile Train. Watch these videos to learn more.

Smile Train made an award winning documentary called Smile Pinki which followed the life of 2 children who needed and were provided with cleft lip surgery.

Please donate to this amazing non-profit organization.
Peace, Love, Wealth
Kimra Diggs
The Progressive Mama

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I am a supporter of Smile Train so I love seeing real life stories of children that had been helped, it helps remind all of us that we are doing the right thing!