18 December 2010

The 6th Charity Of Christmas - Zach Bonner's Little Red Wagon Foundation

Zach Bonner is only 13 years old but has already done amazing things to help others here in the US and around the globe. He started the Little Red Wagon Foundation when he was only 6 years to help neighboring people who had been suffering from hurricane damage. Zach Bonner's entire life is dedicated to helping others and he is true inspiration to myself and thousands of others. Zach began doing walks for homeless children awareness, where he walked from Tampa, Florida to Washington DC. That was an amazing feat in itself. But then he decided to do more and become the youngest person to walk across the United States. He walked from Tampa, Florida all the way to Los Angeles, California in September of 2010 to raise awareness for homeless children in our country. He raised LOTS of money while on his walk across the country and I was lucky enough to have joined him in his last few miles of the walk.

Zach is just an ordinary boy doing extraordinary things. He has done more to help others than most people will do in their lifetime. And even won a Presidential Service Award which is given by the President to anyone who has done more than 4000 hours of community service.
Please help Zach by donating money or food here at his website.
Peace, Love, Wealth
Kimra Diggs
The Progressive Mama

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