15 December 2010

The 3rd Charity Of Christmas - Global Green USA - Reconnecting Humanity With The Environment

Global Green USA has established itself as a national leader in promoting green building practices in the affordable housing community. Their work is primarily focused in the United States with a huge amount of their efforts going towards rebuilding of New Orleans. They decided that the best way to help New Orleans is to not only build new homes and schools but to build it in a green and affordable way so they will save money and have a much smaller carbon footprint. Global Green is teamed up with The Home Depot Foundation with a goal of a green rebirth of New Orleans. 
 Beautiful green homes like these are build through the Holy Cross Project.

Global Green also works to protect our clean water by helping make proposals to governments officials to cut down on chemical dumping in water around our country.

Global Green is proud to work closely with school districts around the country. Since 2005 Global Green has helped green over $15 billion in school construction projects. This means the schools have lower power and water bills, meaning the school districts can use that money for other educational purposes such as purchasing books and computers. Green schools lessen the impact of building construction on the environment. They also have benefits in several key performance areas. Green schools protect the students and teachers health because they are built with proper ventilation, material selection and acoustical quality. This improves the health of students and teacher and you get a much higher attendance rate. These green schools are also made with 25% more sunlight coming in on the students. Sunlight has been shown to heighten student performance and learning.
To donate and support Global Green click here.

Peace, Love, Wealth
Kimra Diggs
The Progressive Mama

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  1. Affordable housing is really in need these days. Many low-income people would benefit with this cause.