28 November 2010

Wine Companies That Are Giving Back One Bottle At A Time

Wine has been in consumption for thousands of years. Wine goes great with food and is great for livening up any holiday or Christmas party. There are tons of luxury wines available online but most of them are not like the three I'm about to tell you about. I found some clean to complex wines that any wine lover is sure to enjoy.

The first wines I'd like to show you are HumanitasWines. When purchasing from HumanitasWines make sure you check out the charities link so you can pick the charity you would like your purchase to contribute towards.

The next wines I'd like to show you are OneHopeWines. They support many causes, from supporting our troops to supporting our planet.

If you know someone who loves baseball and loves wines then I have a great site for you. CharityWines has raised $1.6 million for these charities.

With these three great wine companies that are helping the world, it is easy to find wine that gives back.
Peace, Love, Wealth
Kimra Diggs
The Progressive Mama

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