15 November 2010

Ted 2010: Greg Stone Helping Create Marine Preserves To Protect Our Oceans And Fish

Greg Stone is among many whose lives are dedicated to protecting and conserving our ocean's marine life. Greg Stone is the Chief Scientist for Oceans at Conservation International. He writes and speaks about the state of the marine life environment, with a key focus on how government policy can make positive changes for the marine world. He has went on dives all over the world, exploring and learning how marine life really is so that he can help leaders of our governments around the world understand what needs to be done to protect the water and marine life. He recently did a Ted Talk which is below.

Greg Stone went on The Mission Blue Voyage recently. It was "One piece of Mission Blue is a sea voyage to the Galapagos Islands, April 6-10, 2010, gathering some of the world's most renowned ocean experts -- marine scientists, deep sea explorers, technology innovators, policy makers, business leaders, environmentalists, activists and artists -- for an epic adventure into the blue. Just as important, through the Mission Blue Voyage, we will seed a million-dollar fund to create more marine protected areas." (Ted) After this voyage many of the most brilliant minds on ocean and marine life decided that much more action needed to be taken. These small and large actions are extremely important to not only the life of the marine animals but to the life of the people living on islands around the world. Ocean levels are raising every year because of human activities and pollution. Their are many solutions but a major one is less fishing be allowed from all over the world. Many fish eaten by man are becoming extinct and endangered, such as Chilean Seabass, Bluefin Tuna, Red Snapper, Atlantic Halibit and Cod (very very close to extinction because of overfishing), Orange Roughy, and Spiny Lobster. If people want to continue eating fish governments from around the world need to work together for preservation of ALL the fish that we eat, and people like Greg Stone are working hard to make this possible.
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Kimra Diggs
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