10 November 2010

Rich Roll - Fueled On Plants And Kicking Ass

Rich Roll is an entertainment lawyer/producer. He turned 40 in 2008 and instead of buying himself a gift, he decided to take some time and invest in his health. He was out of shape and knew that something had to change.

At 42 he competed in the Ultraman World Championships, an invitation only race. Ultraman World Championships consists of 6.2 miles of swimming, 260 miles of cycling and culminates with a 52.4-mile double marathon run. Wowzas! That's almost twice as many miles as the Ironman Competition, and think that one is brutal.

Men's Fitness magazine recently named Rich Roll one of the "25 Fittest Guys in the World."
On top of all of this Rich Roll is accomplishing greatness with a vegan plant-based diet. Yes, a VEGAN diet, meaning no dairy, no eggs, no meat whatsoever. And I will say "Dang, he looks good!".
  Restrain yourself ladies, he's a happily married family man. In fact, he has a gorgeous family.

How do you get from being a coachpotato to an Ultraman. According, to Rich Roll you have to set some serious goals and stick to them. Here's a link to how he set goals and got in the best shape of his life: Coachpotato to Ultraman

He's a true family man and is inspiring many to join him in plant-based eating journey.
You can read more about him and read his blog posts at RichRoll.com
And for an awesome interview go here: MindBodyGreen Interview
And for a great video about him click here: CNN Interview

Peace, Love, Wealth
Kimra Diggs

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