12 November 2010

olsenHaus - Fabulous Fashion With A Green Footprint

Finding cruelty-free sexy shoes can be difficult to find nowadays. OlsenHaus is making it easier to be sexy and fashionable in your boots, pumps and flats while being earth conscious and animal friendly. OlsenHaus is a vegan shoe company with a making their fabulous shoes out of alternative, sustainable and renewable plant-based and man-made, non-animal materials. Included in these materials is an innovative polyester microfiber made from trashed television screens. Sexy heels made out of recycled materials = Me like, me like a lot!

These high heeled boots are hot and ready for winter! Click to buy them below  \/ .
OlsenHaus is also giving back. They are supportive of organizations who are focused on educating and increasing awareness of animal rights and environmental issues. OlsenHaus is also all about supporting the human right of being able to be paid fair wages and work in a comfortable environment. OlsenHaus works only with factories with very high standards of quality, reliability and accountability. Every factory is personally checked for fair trade practices, fair wages, proper facilities, ventilation, clean and comfortable working conditions, safe machinery, superior organization. OlsenHaus also ensures that employees are respected for their skills, there are no child–labor practices, no outsourcing to other factories or countries.
OlsenHaus is definitely on my Christmas wishlist.
Peace, Love, Wealth
Kimra Diggs

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