26 November 2010

Green Sustainable Christmas Tips - Save A Tree, Buy A Fake One

I've been thinking a lot about people can have a greener Christmas experience.
A few ideas came up for me:
1. Buy a fake tree and use it for several years.
2. Use LED lights for your house and tree.
3. Buy Christmas gifts online. The UPS and USPS trucks are gonna be driving those same routes anyway. It saves you gas money and you get to avoid the chaos of the shopping mall. Many places also have free shipping so you can be green while saving some green.
4. Make homemade Christmas cards on recycled paper. They are more personalized if you make them yourself.
5. When gift shopping make sure you have a list so that way you don't have to run to the same store over and over.
6. Purchase recyclable wrapping paper or reusable bags for gift wrapping.
7. Make homemade ornaments.

There are many awesome green Christmas tips at this website: Sustainable Baby Steps
Peace, Love, Wealth
Kimra Diggs

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