01 November 2010

Big Toys - Green Environmentally Friendly Playground Solutions

As a mother of a toddler going to the park is something I enjoy very much so I figured I'd search and find out if there was an eco-friendly type of playground. That search lead me to Big Toys. Big Toys has been building playground toys for over 40 years. Their play structures can be found all over the world. They are in school playgrounds, parks, childcare centers and private communities. Their unique playground structures can be made from 100% recycled steel and plastic or from wood (you get to choose your materials when buying). Their wood comes from Forest Stewardship Council-certified producers, who are for promoting responsible management of the world's forest. Their wood products contain no heavy metals and is arsenide-free. All wood is treated so it won't leach out, dissolve, stain or pollute. All equipment has NO PVC making it safer than  typical playground structures.

Big Toys structures look beautiful and are safe for children. I love that Big Toys is taking environmental responsibility.

Here's a few videos of their innovative playground toy creations:

Big Toys is paving the way for all commercial playgrounds to be more environmentally responsible and Earth friendly. I'm glad I found them. On their website you can find a list of all the playgrounds they have built so you can support them by taking your family to play on their equipment.

Find a Big Toys playground location here

Big Toys catalog
Big Toys Website

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Kimra Diggs

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