24 October 2010

Nika Water --Working Hard To End The Clean-Water Crisis

I was reading Entrepreneur Magazine yesterday and I got really excited about an article I read about Nika Water. Jeffrey Church is the co-founder of Nika which is a philanthropic bottled water business. I'd like to call Jeffrey Church a PHILANTHROPRENEUR. Anyway, the article I read talked about all the humanitarian things Nika is doing and planning on doing to help with the clean-water crisis around the world. Clean-water is a huge humanitarian topic right now and I believe that many businesses are wanting to help with this crisis because it can affect so many lives in a positive way so quickly.
Jeffrey Church wants Nika to grow massive for sustainability in developing countries. "At NIKA we are all about helping to end poverty through bringing clean water to those who don't have access to it." For every 98 bottles of water they sell, Nika plants a tree through Carbonfund.org. And last year Nika pledged nearly $350,000 in relief to villages in Kenya, Nicaragua, Uganda, and Sri Lanka. Nika is donating wells to villages all around the globe. I am so grateful for philanthropic businesses like Nika. They are really taking charge and leading the way for other businesses to do the same. And an awesome benefit of philanthropic businesses like this is that the projects don't have to rely on donation. The majority of people will by a product, as long as they knew that proceeds were going to help end world hunger or end the clean-water crisis. So really marketing and distribution is what is needed to fund the projects. The bigger Nika gets the more people get clean-water, it's that simple. With 100% of profits donated there is sure be lots and lots of wells built all over the world.

Watch this video to see more ways that Nika is giving back:

Nika Water Crisis from Nika Water on Vimeo.

Please visit http://NikaWater.org for more information on how you can get involved and help!
And visit http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/217454 to read the full article from Entrepreneur Magazine.

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