30 October 2010

Holton Farms Is Bringing Fresh Food To NYC

Now we have all heard about food trucks. Everyone loves them because the food is fresh and tastes amazing (at least in my experience with them). Holton Farms is taking food truck to a whole new level, actually a whole food level.
Holton Farms has been in the same family since the 1700s. That's a long time. Now the newest generation, Seth Holton, who took over the farm from his father, is making his farm more 21st century. He wanted to expand his farms reach to all of New York City, and the best way to do that was to open a food truck. Seth Holton teamed up with several organic farms in the NYC area to help with this expansion. Holton Farms food truck provides fresh, organic veggies, meats, eggs, cheeses, desserts, ice cream, coffee and more. Basically, it's a farmer's market on wheels. With almost 30 drop off locations in Manhattan everyone in the NYC will be have access to the best produce from the area. Holton Farms customers can make custom orders online, where it shows what foods are fresh for that specific week, insuring that all the customers have freshly picked food every time they order. Their program offers over 80 varieties of fruits and vegetables, and that not talking about the dairy and the meat.
Holton Farms is also helping out the community by giving 20% discounts to low income families, to help them eat healthier and have access to fresh organic foods. They also accept food stamps as well. Here's a link with all the info they are doing to help their community http://www.holtonfarms.com/community/good-works/

Holton Farms is also getting all Jamie Oliver 'd up in this joint. Their goal is to have "a complete overhaul of the way our children eat by going to NYC schools, showing school officials and other decision makers how to cook inexpensive healthy meals for all NYC students using fresh ingredients from local farms." Once I read this I got even more excited about Holton Farms. For one, I love Jamie Oliver. For two, I love it when people go out of their way to help end childhood obesity.

Check out what Holton Farms is doing in East Harlem, NYC

Holton Farms is all about providing food with integrity. They are providing food that is high quality and always fresh. They will tell you exactly where your food came from. Promoting healthy eating in communities where obesity and diabetes are high. Educating communities about how to prepare fresh foods. These are high integrity activities and I'm happy that I found out about Holton Farms. If you live in the Manhattan area please support Holton Farms!

Peace, Love, Wealth
Kimra Diggs

Here is a link to the Holton Farms website, you can find out about their products and order food there.

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